The Purpose of cultural foods in the country from all nations

To showcase cultural foods in the country from all nations.

Liaise with health professionals and nutritionists to deliver topical talks on healthy eating habits and promote awareness of healthy eating

To cooperate with companies dealing in food value addition, health food additives, and food processing domestic implements showcase and conduct open ads.

To provide a networking platform for equality, diversity, and togetherness among all nations for business, social, and economic purposes

 Who we are - Biler food events

Biler food events is a registered organisation and we are a platform for;

Raising awareness on the importance of health and wellness.

Supporting cultural expressions of traditional food preservation and value addition to measuring with the fast food growing industry.

Portraying value-added traditional local foods prepared and served.

Offering health and food professionals a platform to give talks, and demonstrations and educate the communities.

Offer a platform for networks among food producers, vendors, processors, and food
additives dealers.